Dear Colleagues;

Kindly be informed that I've posted your several exams and evaluations. You are requested to start to work on 19/07/2020 till 10/08/2020

Note also that you have 4 tests and exams as follow and as shown in the different videos below :

All the test are in the Module Named : TEST - EVALUATION - ASSESSMENT, 

1. Quiz :- You should Start with the Quiz and submit it before 10/08/2020. You received earlier a video showing you the process. (just note that you have 3 attempts in 02:00 hours which is more than enough).

2. Video Analysis :- You have to analyze 4 video skills, you will find some directives in order to help you (please go to this video first in order to have an idea, 

3. Practice Plan :- You are requested to prepare 2 training sessions using the posted document in the dedicated area, please go to this video 

4. Personal Sport Project :- You are requested to develop a sport project arround beach volleyball using the posted document in the dedicated are, please go to the video 

So kindly Focus on your Test and Evaluations because every single one is MANDATORY and IMPORTANT.