Do you face management challenges specific to the world of sport and the different industries that make it up? Do you want to update your knowledge and develop your skills in this area? This microprogram trains professionals capable of implementing effective management practices adapted to this rapidly changing field.


  1. Deepening of knowledge on the dynamics, issues, management challenges and challenges specific to the different industries and organizations making up the world of sport.
  2. Acquisition of effective analysis and intervention tools.
  3. Varied educational approach, focusing on proximity to sports circles: courses and conferences offered by experts, case analyzes, among others.
  4. Integration course aimed at applying acquired skills to concrete and real situations.
  5. Realization of a project allowing to deepen a topical theme reflecting a management issue.


At the end of this firmware, you will be able to:

  • understand the management realities specific to the sporting context and related industries;
  • decipher the management dynamics, issues and challenges specific to these environments;
  • develop appropriate strategies;
  • implementing effective management practices and fostering the emergence of effective leadership.

This Section discusses the soul of the Olympic Movement, and defines the “sport we want” – the desired values and the ethical behaviours in implementing these values. It discusses the codes or rules that have been developed to emphasise these values and types of behaviour so as to guide our actions. This Section also discusses the challenges to these values and types of behaviour - whether doping, abuse, harassment, lack of inclusion or others – and describes a large number of initiatives and partnerships that the IOC has undertaken to resolve these matters.